“Put that coffee down!  Coffee is for great writers, only.”

In sales, if you remember the Alec Baldwin video from Glengarry Glen Ross, the key is to “always be closing.”  In writing, I’m finding that the mantra is similar, but instead of ‘A.B.C.’, it’s ‘A.B.L.’, Always Be Learning.

I feel every week I’m on a learning cliff as Twitter, books, movies, and more shove tons of great (and I really mean great) advice down my throat.  It’s no longer about finding information, it’s about sifting through it.  I’ve got so much to learn, yet I look at my work for clients and I’m beginning to say, “Wow, impressive.”  Yet, before my head gets too big, I know that I’ve got so, so, so far to go, it’s exhausting to look up the mountain.

So here’s my David Allen moment.  On Friday (through a Fast Company article) I found Threadsy.  This program combines Twitter, Facebook, and as many email accounts as you wish onto a single page, making tracking SO much simpler.  Now I simply go to my Threadsy page and either post, email, or reply.  It comes with a bell that “ting!”‘s every time a new message arrives.  I disabled that feature within three minutes because I kept checking out Twitter feed updates (“I’m on the toilet!”, “I’m washing windows!”, yikes!).

This program probably saved me ten to fifteen minutes daily or switching/opening.  More time to jump into the next article about punctuation, perfect blog posts, or character studies.


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